Structure Function and Dynamics in Adenovirus Maturation

The structure of the adenovirus capsid: II. The packing symmetry of

The orientation and location of the 240 hexons comprising the outer protein shell of adenovirus have been determined. Electron micrographs of the capsid and 
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Latest Insights on Adenovirus Structure and Assembly

21 mai 2012 When Caspar and Klug elaborated their theoretical framework for the structure of spherical viruses [22] it was clear that the adenovirus capsid.
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The structure of enteric human adenovirus 41â•flA leading cause of

8 janv. 2021 Human adenovirus (HAdV) types F40 and F41 are a prominent cause of diarrhea and ... The structure of HAdV-F41 reveals a capsid with.

Structure of a Reptilian Adenovirus Reveals a Phage Tailspike Fold

21 sept. 2017 Tailspike Fold Stabilizing a Vertebrate Virus Capsid. Graphical Abstract. Highlights d. First structural analysis on an adenovirus with non-.
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The Role of Capsid Maturation on Adenovirus Priming for

8 juin 2012 Cleavage of several structural proteins by AVP is required to yield the mature infectious virion (22). Immature virions con- tain the precursor ...

Structure Function and Dynamics in Adenovirus Maturation

non-enveloped icosahedral eukaryotic virus. The adenovirus dsDNA genome fills the capsid in complex with a large amount of histone-like viral proteins 

A quasiв•'atomic model of human adenovirus type 5 capsid

21 avr. 2005 Keywords: cryo-electron microscopy; minor capsid protein; structure. Introduction. Adenoviruses are double-stranded DNA viruses that are.

Adenovirus Composition Proteolysis

Cryo-EM structures of two bovine adenovirus type 3 intermediates

3 janv. 2014 structures share a similar capsid architecture in which 240 trimeric hexons form 20 facets of the icosahedral capsid and 12.

The Structure of the Human Adenovirus 2 Penton

10 sept. 2002 Structural studies of intact adenoviruses individual hexon
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