Antagonist muscle meaning

Transition between reciprocal activation and co-contraction during

Nov 17 2020 exerted by differential or reciprocal activation of the muscles spanning this ... Co-contraction is defined as the common antagonist muscle.


favor flexion deceleration by a viscoelastic effect meaning that this. SUMMARY the antagonist muscles

Design modeling and control of inherently compliant actuators with

Jun 26 2017 net torque on the joint is defined by the difference of agonist and antagonist muscle action. τ = τ+ − τ− = ρ+µ+ − ρ−µ−.

Towards an efficient inverse static model of a Festo actuator made of

Apr 26 2021 model highlights the ability of the antagonist Festo muscle actuator to mimic the stiffness neural control by the mean of the sum of ...

Sex comparisons of agonist and antagonist muscle

Feb 3 2019 Isometric


techniques now permit quantitation of antagonist effective antagonist when muscle twitch had ... correlation (mean r = 0.6) was established.
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Active Braking of Whole-Arm Reaching Movements Provides Single

May 2 2018 The timing of antagonist muscle recruitment also attested to a rapid ... tial patterns of muscle recruitment

Muscle activity in throwing with the dominant and non-dominant arm

Oct 10 2019 Mean and peak EMG amplitudes of both arms did ... this muscle

Effect of stretching on agonist–antagonist muscle activity and muscle

Meaning the decrease in force output attributable to stretch was significantly different between the isometric knee extension and isometric squat. Rate of 
Effect of stretching on agonist–antagonist muscle activity and muscle force output during single and multiple joint isometric contractions

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