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(a) The longitudinal and circular muscles are antagonists which depend for their antagonism upon the presence within the animal of a fluid-filled cavity of 

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23 Jun 2016 1 Skeletal muscles contain muscle fibres and are arranged in antagonistic pairs. (a) Place a cross in the box to complete the statement about ...
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define biochemistry and biological molecules; define antagonistic muscles;. *. 16.5.9 describe different types of antagonistic muscles which help to.
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Body stiffness and damping depend sensitively on the timing of

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Contraction of body representation induced by proprioceptive conflict

representation as they define a 'here' or set of locations
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The Higher Human Biology course gives candidates the opportunity to understand Most human muscle tissue contains a mixture of both slow- and fast-twitch ...

Design modeling and control of inherently compliant actuators with

26 Jun 2017 3.2.4 Modeling of agonistic-antagonistic joint actuator : Generic case 62 ... muscles and the definition of various terminology.

Muscle coactivation: definitions mechanisms

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Definition. Skeleton. All the bones in the body. Joint. Where two bones meet; allows movement. Antagonistic. Two muscles that act in unison to create 
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