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Automatically Generating Cause-and-Effect Questions from Passages

20 avr. 2021 generate cause-and-effect questions from other text collections and educational material al- lowing for adaptable large-scale generation of.
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1. A water main downtown broke this morning so several businesses had no water for hours. a. addition b. time c. comparison d. cause and effect.
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14 Rules For Writing Multiple-Choice Questions (PDF)

Experts encourage multiple-choice items to be prepared as questions (rather Ability to Interpret Cause-and-Effect Relationships Example.
Rules for Writing Multiple Choice Questions

Cause And Effect Worksheets Pdf

and questions that appear that readers learn to much damage possible. worksheets cause and effect is the cause and cause and lesson plans. PDF.
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Enhancing Multiple-Choice Question Answering with Causal

effect is more. COPA is another multiple-choice causal reason- ing task. COPA requires external commonsense causal knowledge to answer questions about the.
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Answering Binary Causal Questions Through Large-Scale Text

Answering Binary Causal Questions Through Large-Scale Text Mining: An Evaluation Using Cause-Effect Pairs from Human Experts.

Grammar Cause and Effect - BBC Learning English - Quiznet

For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer. 1. I love living in Australia. the weather. a. because b. since c. as.
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SAT Study Guide 2020 - Chapter 20: Sample Math Questions

This chapter illustrates sample multiple-choice questions. These sample questions are divided into Evidence for a cause-and-effect relationship can.
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How to Prepare Better Multiple-Choice Test Items: Guidelines for

Well-written multiple-choice test questions do not confuse students and yield scores that are Interpret cause-and-effect relationships.


A fitted least squares regression line a. may be used to predict a value of y if the corresponding x value is given b. is evidence for a cause-effect 
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