Comparative law and legal education

  • "Comparative Law and Legal Education, in The Oxford Handbook of

    The main methods (or approaches) of comparative law researches are the following: legislative method, descriptive method, evolutionary approach, conceptual method, functional method, factual method, textual approach v..

  • “ Only the likes can be compared”, is the law of comparison.
    It emphasizes the necessity of providing like sample and specimens for comparison.
The comparative law course is clearly structured around the contrast between common law and, largely European, civil law; it focuses on codification, public law  IntroductionWhy and How to Teach Comparative Law in the

Should we pay more attention to Comparative Law Pedagogics?

It is suggested that we should pay more attention to comparative law pedagogics in today’s world, where law graduates must be prepared for working in a global context

Whereas in academic comparative research the goal is to reach a deep cultural understanding of foreign law, in legal education the goal is to learn to “think like a lawyer”

What is comparative law in a mixed legal system?

Comparative law in a mixed legal fYItem 9S required in order to properly comprehend the metamorphosis which the transplanted laws undergo during the blending process

Now it is true that, being a human phenomena, some evaluation of the desirability of the way in which the law has been received and developed is impossible to avoid; but

Why study comparative law?

disciplines, and touching upon all areas of legal science, is comparative law - a vitally important and continually increasing branch of legal knowledge

I submit that, because of the unusually cosmopolitan nature of our legal system, we are advantageously placed to contribute to this knowledge


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