International law and national law

Jun 24, 2022International law primarily relates to conventions and treaties, whereas national law focuses on acts and constitutions within a particular 
International law relates to the governing of behavior and conduct of nations within international governing systems, whereas national law pertains only to the conduct and behavior of persons within a particular nation.

What are aims of international law?

International law aims to promote the practice of stable, consistent, and organized international relations.
The sources of international law include:

  • international custom (general state practice accepted as law)
  • treaties
  • and general principles of law recognized by most national legal systems.
  • What are the different types of international law?

    International law relies largely on the consent of all parties involved

    Here are two different types of international law: Public international law: This is concerned solely with the rights between several countries and the residents of other countries

    Private international law: This focuses on specific issues between private individuals

    What is the link between international law and national law?

    This article talks about the link between international law and national law

    International laws are considered superior to national laws

    This seems quite obvious as the States apply international rules to prepare their national laws

    But, the relationship between the two is still complicated and not yet clear

    Who governs the international legal system?

    The international legal system is dominated by the States

    The States inculcate the international legal rules and enforce them as laws of their land

    It is the States who can become members of the International Court of Justice and other organizations

    The States have to constantly evolve


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