International law pay

  • What is the highest paid law industry?

    Tier I law firms pay 10-17 lakhs per annum for a fresh graduate, and if a fresher can glorify him in the firm, salary may range from 80 lakhs to 1 Crore..

  • What is the highest salary in law?

    Get a Lawyer Who Fights for Your Money
    Law is a lucrative field of work, but not all lawyers make the same amount of money.
    Patent and tax attorneys tend to be the highest earners, with corporate and intellectual property lawyers not far behind..

  • What lawyers make the most money?

    On the 1st place is Switzerland, how could it be otherwise being it the country with the highest cost of living.
    Here a lawyer's salary will round the US $215,000, translated to the local currency into 205,000 Swiss francs per year..

  • Who are the highest paid lawyers?

    What Major Can I Pursue to Study International Law? Most bachelor's degree programs that touch on international law issues award a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Studies or a B.A. in International Relations..

The average salary for an International Lawyer is $156,685 per year in United States. Salaries estimates are based on 44 salaries submitted anonymously to 

How much does international law firm pay?

How much does International Law Firm in the United States pay.
The average International Law Firm salary ranges from approximately $48,050 per year for Receptionist/Secretary to $223,624 per year for Director of Finance.

What is the salary of an international trade lawyer?

The U.S.
Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported in May 2019 that the median annual salary for lawyers, which includes ,an international law degree salary, was $122,960.
Individuals working for private practices may earn more money than those who serve non-profit organizations or governments.

×International law salary varies depending on the type of law, the size and location of the firm, and the experience level of the lawyer. The average annual pay for an international law in the United States is $80,899 as of Sep 25, 2022, but it can range from $20,500 to $202,000. The median salary for an international lawyer is $101,236 per year in the United States area, but it can differ by as much as $60,500 based on skill level, location and years of experience. The highest paid international lawyers work for larger firms or as directors of finance, while the lowest paid work as receptionists or administrative assistants.


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