International law paper

  • What is the impact factor of Ajil?

    AJIL has a high 5-year impact factor of 1.940.
    The Journal ranks as the most-cited international law journal on Google Scholar.
    The nonprofit, scholarly periodical resource JSTOR considers AJIL to be “the premier English-language scholarly journal in its field.".

  • International Legal Materials (ILM) is a core publication of the American Society of International Law that reproduces texts of documents reflecting the broad scope and evolution of international law.
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Is Ajil a good international law journal?

"Nobody working in international law can do so without the American Journal of International Law. " AJIL has a high 5-year impact factor of 1.940.
The Journal ranks as the most-cited international law journal on Google Scholar.

Where can I find information about international law?

Major sources of international law, including:

  • treaties and decisions of international tribunals
  • documents from international and regional organizations
  • and material on selected topics.
    Research guides to international law (by subject) and foreign law (by jurisdiction) from NYU's Hauser Global Law School Program.
  • What is the International Law Reports?

    The International Law Reports is an essential holding for every library providing even minimal international law coverage, offering access to the whole range of international case law in one publication, in a manner which is both efficient and economical

    Six volumes are published each year Regina (Akarcay) v

    What is the most cited journal in international law?

    The oldest and most-cited student-edited journal in international law

    Print Online Judge Iwasawa’s remarks will appear in Volume 45 (1) of the Harvard International Law Journal print edition

    HILJ contributions on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

    The oldest and most-cited student-edited journal of international law


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