Computerised tomography (ct) limitations

  • What are the limitations of CT scanners?

    Some CT scan limitations are: (.

    1. Atelectasis blends with tumor in approximately half of the patients, thus obscuring tumor boundaries; (
    2. CT numbers and contrast enhancement did not help to differentiate between these two structures; and (
    3. Limited definition of CT scan prevents investigation of suspected

  • What are the weaknesses of CT scans?

    Concerns about CT scans include the risks from exposure to ionizing radiation and possible reactions to the intravenous contrast agent, or dye, which may be used to improve visualization.
    The exposure to ionizing radiation may cause a small increase in a person's lifetime risk of developing cancer.May 1, 2023.

Disadvantages of computerised tomography scanning Computerised tomography scans of the brain can be affected by bone nearby. High doses of radiation are involved in CT scanning - chest CT scan is equivalent to 350 chest X-rays; CT abdomen to 400 chest X-rays and CT pulmonary angiography 750 chest X-rays [1, 2].


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