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sgcWebSockets 2022.6

Delphi 7 (* only supported if upgraded to Indy 10 Intraweb is not supported) In order to build a Android Application with sgcWebSockets library you ...

Developing Android Platform Tools

Eclipse Android Development Kit. ○ Android Studio (IntelliJ) CrossWalk / Cordova. ○ Delphi. ○ Xamarin.Android ... Websocket or Server-Sent events ...
Creating Platform Development Tools

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JAVA and JSP / Servlets (Tomcat) / Android. Good notions on : SQL PHP

TSplus Remote Access Documentation

HTML5 Client: What is the difference between Websockets and XHR? Easily connect from iPhone/iPad and Android devices also with the TSplus Mobile App

OCPP 2.0: Part 4 - JSON over WebSockets implementation guide

OCPP2.0J means we are talking about a JSON/WebSocket implementation of 2.0. OCPP-S. OCPP communication over SOAP and HTTP(S). As of version 1.6 this should 
OCPP . part ocpp j specification

sgcWebSockets 2022.6

Support for JSON parsers: Delphi JSON and XSuperObject. Undefined reference to vTable for Sgcwebsocket... on CBuilder and Android.

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vulnerability in a JavaScript WebSocket to Nowadays Android malware is much more prevalent
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sgcWebSockets .NET 2022.6

This is useful for Android or OSX projects where the ...

Android Background Service Sample Code

Android application with phonegap that run websocket in. To receive messages use different service that extends FirebaseMessagingService.
android background service sample code