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Prototyping is another way to implement OOP that avoids the class/ instance dichotomy C++ uses abstract classes to implement interfaces.

Removing Implementation Details from C++ Class Declarations

hiding by requiring the interface to include information-the implementation opaque types and abstract classes. ... In C++ classes encapsulation.
C opaque pointers

Abstract Classes and Interfaces (Part 2)

٠٩‏/١٢‏/٢٠٢٠ An abstract class can contain abstract methods that are implemented in concrete subclasses. • An interface is a class-like construct that ...

Chapter 16: Abstract Classes and Multiple Inheritance

An abstract class lets us define and enforce a common interface or The C and C++ languages support the built in type conversions.

Interfaces in C++ (Abstract Classes)

An interface describes the behavior or capabilities of a C++ class without committing to a particular implementation of that class. The C++ interfaces are 
cpp interfaces

CSE341: Programming Languages Lecture 23 Multiple Inheritance

class B implements Example { public void m1(int pizza int beer) {…} public Object m2(Example e

CS61B Lecture #9: Interfaces and Abstract Classes

it has two methods without any implementation. Last modified: Wed Sep 12 13:56:53 2018. CS61B: Lecture #9 2 

The Implementation of Ada 2005 Interface Types in the GNAT

A type may implement multiple interfaces but can inherit code from only one terfacing with C++ abstract classes and pure virtual functions.
Ada Interface Types

The Pure Nonmember Function Interface Idiom for C++ Classes

A pure nonmember function interface to an abstract C++ class might provide directly implemented as virtual functions on the abstract interface would be ...

Abstract classes Interfaces & Comparators

Abstract classes and Interfaces. ▻ Difference between extends and implements. ▻ Multiple inheritance. ▷ Comparator and Comparable. ▻ Comparing objects.
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