Class example(object) python

cours python Class example(object) python

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An object is also called an instance of a class and the process of creating this object is called instantiation Like function definitions begin with the 

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construct an object from that class definition • Similar to a “list” Python defines what a list is, and can do (slicing, indexing, length( ) 

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of Object-Oriented A D and emphasize on OOP programming with python • Introduces Python's special methods to realize class definition, inheritance 

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Method : A special kind of function that is defined in a class definition Object : A unique instance of a data structure that's defined by its class An object 

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Python is an object-oriented language and its constructs are For example you could have a class of StudentRecords in a program You can instantiate many 

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In Python (unlike Java), numbers and booleans are also objects • In fact, in Python, everything is an object A class is a recipe for creating objects

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Lab Objective: Python is a class-based language A class is a blueprint for an object that binds together specified variables and routines Creating and 

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– A class is a blueprint for making an object Page 4 Object-Oriented Programming A Square Example ○ A 

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