International law jan klabbers third edition

  • What are the three principles of international law?

    The United Nations Charter sets out the fundamental principles of modern public international law, notably: Promotion of human rights; The strict limitation on the right to use force against other states; The strict prohibition on the acquisition of territory by force..

  • Examples of these general principles of law are laches, good faith, res judicata, and the impartiality of judges.
    International tribunals rely on these principles when they cannot find authority in other sources of international law.
  • The Third World according to TWAIL-ers, is a group of states, which are politically, economically, and culturally diverse, but are simultaneously united in their common history of colonialism.
    TWAIL emphasizes that even after the end of the Cold War, the Third World is still a political reality.

What is a good book on international law?

Interconnections between the EU and the Rest of the World (Oxford: Hart, 2011), 205–24

Klabbers, Jan, ‘Executing Mr Breard’ (1998) 67 Nordic Journal of International Law, 357–64

Yearbook of United Nations Law, 1–28

Christopher McCorkindale (eds

), Hannah Arendt and the Law (Oxford: Hart, 2012), 229–47

What is the 3rd edition of international institutional law?

Description The third edition of this market-leading textbook (previously called An Introduction to International Institutional Law) is written in a clear, three-part structure

It is centred on the dynamics of the relationships between international organisations and their organs, staff, and the outside world


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