Comparative law in jurisprudence

  • In general, the comparative degree is constructed by appending '-er' to the end of the adjective, followed by 'than'.
    This is true for monosyllable adjectives.
    In the case of polysyllabic adjectives, however, the adjectives remain the same and the word more is used before the adjective.
The aim h bring together comparative legal studies, legal theory, legal reason aspects of European legal history so as to produce a comparative la which might 

Is 'comparative law' just another label for 'legal science'?

Yntema (Comparative Legal Research:

  • Some Remarks on "Looking Out of the Cave
  • " 54 MICH.
    REV. 899, 901 (1972)) similarly believes that "comparative law" just is another label for "legal science." .
  • Is comparative law jurisprudence?

    As the legal system is comparable under law as jurisprudence, it is possible to take up Ewald's suggestion and think of comparative law as comparative jurisprudence, as "the comparative study of the intellectual conceptions that underlie the principal institutions of one or more foreign legal systems."'126 As such, comparative law indeed .

    What is comparative legal inquiry?

    Comparative legal inquiry permeates the Harvard curriculum, ranging from courses focused on other nations to the inclusion of comparative issues in courses on U.S. law to a robust co-curricular program.

    ×Comparative jurisprudence or comparative law is the scholarly study of the resemblances and differences between the different legal systems. It is defined as the study of differences and similarities between the laws of different countries. Comparative law involves research into foreign legal systems and cannot be limited to a simple analysis of the legal situation as revealed by legal texts. It is a method for the study of laws of different countries and emphasizes on the legal mechanisms being adopted by countries and compares them.


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