International law jan klabbers third edition pdf

Who is better – Jan Klabbers or Otto Spijkers?

Otto Spijkers, Professor of International Law at the China Institute of Boundary and Ocean Studies (CIBOS), Wuhan University, China 'No-one is better at explaining the nuance of international law while keeping an eye squarely on the details than Jan Klabbers.
This new edition of his groundbreaking textbook is a terrific update to an essential book.

Who wrote Brownlie's principles of public international law?

James Crawford, Brownlie’s Principles of Public International Law, 8th edn (Oxford University Press, 2012); Malcolm Evans (ed.), International Law, 4th edn (Oxford University Press, 2014); and Malcolm Shaw, International Law, 7th edn (Cambridge University Press, 2014).

What are the subjects of international law?

The Subjects of International Law 5

Jurisdiction, Powers, and Immunities 6

The Individual in International Law, including Human Rights 7

The Law of Responsibility 8

International Courts and Tribunals 9

Sanctions, Countermeasures, and Collective Security Part II

The Substance of International Law: 10 Use of Force 11 The Law of Armed Conflict

What is a good book on international law?

Interconnections between the EU and the Rest of the World (Oxford: Hart, 2011), 205–24

Klabbers, Jan, ‘Executing Mr Breard’ (1998) 67 Nordic Journal of International Law, 357–64

Yearbook of United Nations Law, 1–28 Christopher McCorkindale (eds

), Hannah Arendt and the Law (Oxford: Hart, 2012), 229–47


International law jan klabbers third edition
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